Using Your Gene Expression Dataset

You can use your own dataset that is organ/tissue specific gene expression data. If you use this, you have to login OCPID system.

Data List

Data List on the OCPID will be show the data list of your own datasets which are uploaded before.

Search with your dataset

If you have data list, you can search protein interactions that are related with your data. It is same as OCPID's 'home/new search' page.

Add your dataset

You can upload and analysis your dataset by click the 'Add Data' menu. it needs more detail informations for correct analysis. If all the process is done, it shows the messages about analysis and the information of database works. If it is done well, you can search organ centric protein interaction with your new dataset.

Examples to Test User Dataset

You can test OCPID by following sample datasets to have more information. It will take about 15~25 minute to analysis (in the case of permutation number is 100). You can download the sample dataset by mouse right button click.
  1. Unigene: Unigene Cluster Dataset(2.57MB)

  2. Gene Symbol: Gene Symbol Dataset(2.51MB)

  3. Uniprot: Uniprot Dataset(2.54MB)

  4. Refseq: Refseq Dataset(2.57MB)

For your convinence, organ information data can be downloaded.